“Wellness” is about Human Rights. As humans, we all have the need to access shelter, food, clean air, safety, belonging, and possess rights such as the freedom of speech.  School promotes much more than just lessons in a book.  It is also a place that grows responsible citizens of action and thought.  This year the Grade 5 and Grade 6 MYVoice Committee at École Stonewall Centennial School joined a larger Manitoba Associated School Project Network entitled United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.  ASPN UNESCO challenges students to engage in social justice, in sustainability, to build peace, and to have international understandings about our world. As a group of UNESCO leaders, four girls (top left: Talia K., Grace T., and bottom left: Maya P., Fiona R.) volunteered to create and submit a video on climate change.  The video represents the many student school-wide led action projects at ÉSCS which impact and contribute to the prevention of climate change on our earth.  Congratulations to these students who will be attending Bill Nye on March 3rd, and presenting the video. Their ‘Take 3’ climate change video was chosen as one of the submissions. As a team, we are very proud of you for being ambassadors for positive change.

École Stonewall Centennial Staff



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