In our little building of Grosse Isle School, we are so very fortunate to be close – close as colleagues and friends, and as students and staff.  We are a school family – and being away from each other has been challenging, to say the least.  We know that right now this is safest for everyone, but it brings to light how much we take for granted and simply being together means to us and brings to our lives.

To connect with our school families our staff decided to organize drive-way visits with our students.

Care packages were created for each student, containing packaged treats, some mental health information and a hand-written card signed by each staff member specific to each student.  Over the course of two days, nearly 200 km of mostly gravel roads, and a convoy of 6 different vehicles (to ensure physical distancing), we travelled to Marquette, Meadows, Rosser, Grosse Isle, Lilyfield, Stony Mountain, and Stonewall to see almost every one of our 38 families.

Families shared the many creative projects that they have been able to work on in their yards, from flower boxes our students had helped build for Mothers’ Day, to some scary new bike tricks or trails that they had built or adventured on.

It was an opportunity that we as staff in a small building do not take for granted.  It was honestly sheer joy to see our students, and their families.  We are incredibly grateful to have been supported by our school community to allow us into their spaces, and while there have been many unforgettable moments over the past several weeks, some of immeasurable challenge, May 6th and 7th contain memories that will be forever cherished in my lifetime and my career—and I can say without a doubt that our whole team feels this way.  Our hearts are full, and we are forever thankful for our Grosse Isle school family.

Christie Crow

Principal, Grosse Isle School

in: School Events