One of the Interlake School Division’s Continuous Improvement Plan goals for students in Grades 9-12 is personal Well-Being.

  • Why WELL-BEING matters: Healthy citizens are able to achieve their goals and realize their potential. Healthy citizens possess a range of skills and strategies to live happy and resilient lives and thereby make positive contributions to their communities. In order to live well, our students must learn well.
  • What WELL-BEING is: Well-Being is the conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving health, happiness, resilience, and satisfaction

One activity taking place at Teulon Collegiate to help promote positive well-being in its students is HELPING HANDS. Helping Hands is a program that gives students a place to interact with peers and engage in activities around the school and in the community to promote positive well-being. The program is open to all students. Helping Hands is beneficial to these students by providing experiences that enhance their social-emotional well-being by providing students with a sense of purpose. The focus of many of these activities centers around the art of giving back and it turn the students get back a sense of purpose of belonging. Students work on projects that benefit their community, province, country and the world.

One recent activity was an awareness campaign around Movember. Students planned and organized activities in the school such as a facial growing contest, a moustache making contest and selling moustache-printed masks. These activities were held to raise awareness around the issue of prostate cancer and to collect funds to support the cause. The reason for choosing to support Movember was made because of a close local connection to this issue.

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