Rosser School – Math Toolkits

Students in Grade Two at Rosser School are currently participating in small group Numeracy activities.  They are demonstrating how to solve word problems in different ways using various strategies from their Math Toolkits.  Walking the number line and using the 10-frame organizer to solve problems are two examples.  Students also draw their own illustrations to represent the problem.  Learning from each other helps us meet our ultimate school goal, which is to keep Numeracy fun and engaging for all of… Read More

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Middle Years Math Minds at Teulon Elementary School

The middle years math minds of Teulon Elementary have been working towards multiplication mastery with a game called, Multi. Built on the foundation of Tic-Tac-Toe, students can use their familiarity with this classic game as a strategic springboard to challenge themselves to select the next best move. Students grapple with important mathematical and strategic questions such as: What factors should I select to help me win? What move can I make to stop my opponent?  Which products allow me to… Read More

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