Financial Literacy through Real Life Business Experiences at Brant-Argyle School

The Brant-Argyle grade 6,7,8 class, better known as the North class, are developing some financial literacy skills through the running of a business. Last year’s class ran a very popular and profitable school canteen, The Argyle Eatery. This year when COVID-19 protocols prohibited a canteen, the class pivoted just like many businesses have had to. They have creatively reinvented themselves and are now running a clothing company called, “Reckless while Young.”  They have currently collected pre-orders for t-shirts and hoodies that will feature their original, class designed logo. Each item will be personally tie dyed by the North class resulting in each customer receiving a unique, one of a kind shirt.  Students were responsible for contacting distributors, sourcing an affordable product and for deciding on price points that would result in a profit, without pricing themselves out of their market.  The class has had many rich discussions on what makes a business successful and are now putting those principles into action. Students will make some decisions at the end of the school year as to what to do with their profits. They MUST provide seed money (capital) for the next years class. Who knows what will result from next years creative group of Argylians?

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