This year at Woodlands School, our Wellness goal is focused on the concept of a “Growth Mindset”. Schools are places where students are asked to learn many new skills and concepts on a daily basis.  When things are hard, sometimes in can be a challenge to stay positive and motivated. A growth mindset means you believe you are capable of developing new talents and skills, and you treat mistakes as opportunities to learn as opposed to failures – “Math is sometimes tricky but I know I can do it.  I just need to focus on the task and asks questions if I get stuck”.  A “fixed mindset” is the belief that our intelligence and ability will not change no matter how hard we try – “I suck at Math and always will”.  When students have a fixed mindset they get discouraged, give up easily, and focus on what they can’t do rather than what they can do.  Students with a growth mindset welcome challenging tasks, they find ways to get better, and try things different ways to get better results.  Neuroscience has taught us that individuals with a growth mindset learn at a faster rate than those with a fixed mindset.

Our school team, led by our guidance counselor, are introducing the language of Growth vs Fixed mindset with our students this year.  In some classrooms this language is common place and students have access to the information right on their desks.  Throughout the year, our guidance counselor and classroom teachers will be focusing on this important topic inside and outside the classroom. We will also be using our monthly newsletter to provide our families with some information on this concept and how to best develop it in the home environment.

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