Interlake School Division’s Continuous improvement goal states that Healthy citizens are able to achieve their goals and realize their potential. Healthy citizens possess a range of skills and strategies to live happy and resilient lives and thereby make positive contributions to their communities. In order to live well, our students must learn well.”

This year at Warren Elementary School, our school goal is Well-Being. It is important that each of our school community members have the skills to feel well at school so that they are prepared to continue to learn and grow.  We have conducted surveys of our students, staff, and parents to learn more about what their well-being needs are.  Our initial surveys have indicated that parents in our community are interested in learning more about managing anxiety which will be supported by a virtual information night delivered by Ms. McIntosh, ISD’s Mental Health Support Worker.

Our students have indicated that they are feeling more stress because of some of the COVID-19 protocols and restrictions.  As a staff we are working to provide routines in each classroom to provide students with a safe and welcoming atmosphere that also helps them learn how to manage stress, and mitigate anxiety.  Our teachers are using tools like classroom meetings, yoga, and centers with movement and mindfulness activities to help our students build skills to help them transition to working in our classrooms each day. COVID-19 restrictions have separated our students and community from one another and we are working hard to promote a sense of community and connectedness by finding alternatives to in-person gatherings and events such as our virtual Remembrance Day, streaming grade 7/8 volleyball and connecting our students virtually between classrooms and with the community. Our first school wide event used stations and mindfulness activities which were centered on well-being, connecting, nature and with an Indigenous theme and focus.

Our Learning Support Team is also responding to what we have learned through our student surveys to provide appropriate guidance in each classroom while building student and staff capacity. We share our success each month with parents in our newsletter, and nearly every day on Twitter @wesevents.


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