If you are at least 16 years old, enrolled in a Manitoba high school, in grade eleven or twelve, and taking core subjects, you can begin training in one of the 40 trades offered by the Apprenticeship Branch.

The HSAP can be a great option for you if you are determined to enter one of the trades after high school.  Why wait till you have finished grade twelve when you can begin working toward trade certification as soon as you have completed your grade ten studies? Invest the time that you might otherwise spend on a part-time job in “on the job training” in your chosen field of work.

As a high school apprenticeship student, you can combine in-school academic core credits with as many as eight credits earned outside of school while being mentored by a trained trade’s expert.  While acquiring marketable skills, you will be paid, and you will be working toward high school graduation, and trade certification.

All students in the Interlake School Division are eligible to be considered for apprenticeships after they have completed the Management Skills 40S course which is a prerequisite for all work placements in the community.  Since this course includes a 70 hour internship in the business community, students wanting to get involved in the trades should look for an internship in the trade of their choice.  This internship period is unpaid. However, it does provide the student with an ideal opportunity to prove themselves to the potential HSAP employer.

After the internship period is over, an agreement could be made to have the student continue as an apprentice, now a paid employee. Even if the employer during the internship is unable to hire you as an apprentice, you will have acquired on-the-job transferrable skills for your future job searches.

The HSAP has been available to Interlake School Division students for several years. Many students have taken advantage of the opportunities afforded by this option.  If you would like further information about this program option, contact the administrator at the high school in your catchment area.

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