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WCI Grad Photos

Warren Collegiate is so fortunate to have Jo-Anne Procter volunteering to take porch pictures of our graduates.  Due to the pandemic, WCI graduates missed getting their formal pictures taken at the beginning of April.  With so many milestones being postponed for our grads, it was very kind of Jo-Anne to volunteer for this project and make our grads feel so special.  Also a big thank you to Michelle Procter for organizing.

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Learning at Home Activities – Stony Mountain School Students

Stony Mountain School students are busy with many different at home education activities during the suspension of classroom learning. Pictured below are Mansirat (Grade 4) participating in the “Airplane Challenge”, Landon (Grade 6) giving the thumbs us regarding  his chicks, Marshall (Kindergarten) and Everett (Grade 3) are showing off the fruits of their labour, Natasha (Grade 1) is presenting her foot bones assignment, and Tyson (Grade 3) is staying active.

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Drive-way Visits

  In our little building of Grosse Isle School, we are so very fortunate to be close – close as colleagues and friends, and as students and staff.  We are a school family – and being away from each other has been challenging, to say the least.  We know that right now this is safest for everyone, but it brings to light how much we take for granted and simply being together means to us and brings to our lives.… Read More

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