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Teulon Elementary

Teulon Elementary School once again focused some of our holiday cheer on helping our community – specifically the Teulon & District Christmas Cheer Board.  Over a 2 week period, classes tracked their progress daily by charting the number of items they brought it.  Students estimated how many items their class would bring in and how many the school would bring in as a whole.  The end goal was a class pizza party followed by some fun activities in the gym… Read More

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SCI – Gym Riot

Gym Riot – Stonewall Collegiate As a part of the wellness activities at Stonewall Collegiate, we have created Teacher Advisory Groups (TAG).  These are multi-grade groups that focus on connecting students with each other and the teachers at SCI.  One of the activities that we have done with these groups was a TAG War in the gym.  TAGs were assigned a colour and competed in a fun gym riot.

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