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Solving a Puzzle at Brant Argyle School

Solving a Puzzle  – Small, multiage groups meet for morning numeracy time with engaging, hands on tasks such as the Osmo shown here. Brant-Argyle Parent Council purchased the tool for our school this winter and students (and teachers!) have been entranced by the puzzles that develop visual-spatial abilities, nonverbal reasoning, and fine motor skills. The technology unites an iPad to physical objects and is one of the many ways our teachers are bringing numeracy, puzzles, play, and collaboration into the… Read More

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Balmoral School – Coding Micro Bits

CODING MICRO BITS This open source hardware designed by the BBC (every student in England receive one micro bit when entering middle school) is used in computer education.  Recently, Balmoral School’s Grade 7 & 8 classes received these through a training session attended by Mr. McLean.  We have over 10 of these Micro Bits. Micro Bits can be coded to perform many different functions; such as digital pedometer, simulated games, and the brains to control small machines.  Students recently coded… Read More

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