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T.C.I Students on the Path to Wellness

At Teulon Collegiate, we have been actively working on creating a safe and inclusive learning environment.  We believe that students need to feel a sense of belonging at school in order to engage in learning opportunities and that these events should focus on inclusionary awareness (cultural, LGBTQ2S+) as part of tolerance and inclusion education. There have been many opportunities provided at T.C.I this school year that encourage belonging, community, and connection, all of which positively impact student well-being. Some of… Read More

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Wellness Goal at Warren Elementary School

As part of ISD’s Continuous Improvement Plan, Warren Elementary School has been working towards supporting their school-wide wellness goal.  As part of their Life Skills program, students have been kept busy keeping up with daily orders for pizza, yogurt parfaits, and veggies and dip.  The purchase of reusable parfait cups, plates, and spoons was supported by a sustainability grant. These students help to prepare and organize the food items every day in the canteen kitchen and then do their part… Read More

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