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Stony Mountain School – Leadership Team

At the beginning of each school year Stony Mountain School offer the students in Grades 5 & 6 the opportunity to be involved in a what we call a Leadership Team, combining Social Justice and MY Voice groups together. Led by Ms. Bartholomew, this group started meeting regularly during breaks and has developed, through conversation and planning, an identity. With the identity defined, they develop an action plan. Over the past few years the leadership team has generously chosen to… Read More

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Fostering Well-Being at ÉRWBBS

A major focus for our school this year is centred around establishing an inclusive and culturally safe environment, that is rooted in individual and collective well-being. In planning the strategies we would use to move toward this goal, our school considered the Indigenous Education Policy Framework document, Mamáhtawisiwin: The Wonder We are Born With, as well as the self-regulation and social development programs, Zones of Regulation and We Thinkers. Together, the principles and teachings of these works are being used… Read More

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