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Multi-Modal Learning: Boosting Literacy and Numeracy learning at Rosser Elementary School

Establishing a solid foundation of early literacy and numeracy skills is a critical part of the work that we do at Rosser Elementary School. There are many ways to foster the letter name identification, letter-sound connection and blending (or “sounding out”) skills that have been shown to support reading success. These learning experiences are strengthened by intentionally weaving multiple modalities into the activity. If an activity can include seeing, hearing, feeling and speaking, the pathways in the brain connecting that… Read More

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Literacy and Numeracy Goals at Brant-Argyle School

At Brant-Argyle, our North room (grades 6/7/8) is combining Literacy and Numeracy goals through project-based learning. These goals include promoting engagement in writing, improving writing skills, building communication skills and connecting our numeracy learning with real world scenarios. The North class students are engaged in a “Classroom Equity” project. As part of this project, they have written resumes and cover letters, participated in an interview for a classroom job and have gone through the hiring process for the job. The… Read More

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