Research shows that students who feel safe and supported by adults at school are better able to learn.

The Infinity Program (TIP) is Interlake School Division’s alternative high school campus.  The staff and students at TIP work together to create an environment built on the foundation of positive relationships.  Positive relationships in schools are central to the wellbeing of both students and teachers and underpin an effective learning environment. There is now a wealth of research on the importance of connectedness in schools and on the specific qualities of in-school relationships that promote effective education.

At TIP, student’s wellbeing is our top priority.  Students who have trust in, and are connected to their teachers, will make great progress in the areas of literacy and numeracy.  TIP’s values and beliefs are in alignment with ISD’s Continuous Improvement Plan, in the area of Wellbeing.  “Healthy citizens are able to achieve their goals and realize their potential. Healthy citizens possess a range of skills and strategies to live happy and resilient lives and thereby make positive contributions to their communities. In order to live well, our students must learn well.”

Our students come to our campus for a wide variety of reason. Our goal is to have our students in school everyday, learning, growing, becoming self sufficient and more confident.  We measure our success in attendance data, credit acquisition, and student input. Each student at TIP is on their own individual plan to graduation. We are proud of the dedication to school we have seen from our students during these very trying times.

Students at TIP have the ability to access learning environments that suits their needs.  We have spaces where learning is active and sometimes loud, we have spaces where academics is the focus and they can get their work done in a quiet low stimulation setting, and we have space where social collaboration can happen, including accessing arts and technology.  Throughout these spaces, students have access to caring adults who believe in them.

As a small off-site campus, we are thankful to have access to the Youth Drop in Center, where are students have the opportunity to be more active, play, and interact with one another away from the classroom setting.  This is another way we build connection and pay attention to our wellbeing.  Our teachers are growing as learners as well and learning more about grief and loss, trauma, and anxiety through Dr. Jody Carrington.  This learning supports their own wellbeing which makes them able to be responsive to their students’ wellbeing.

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