TIP Students Join the Robb Nash Project

The students in The Infinity Program (TIP) have had the opportunity to spend time and get involved with the Robb Nash Project, headed by Canadian singer-songwriter, Robb Nash. The project works to engage young people through the power of music and storytelling and addresses topics related to mental health such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, bullying and suicidal ideation. It balances serious subject matter in a way that is thought provoking, inspirational, entertaining and humorous. Since November, students at TIP… Read More

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My Child in School: A Resource for Parents

Children are more likely to succeed in school when parents or guardians are informed and involved in their education. The Manitoba government recognizes the need to work in collaboration with parents to ensure all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students succeed. Please visit the Manitoba Education Website for more information on compulsory subject information. Information for each compulsory subject area is broken down into four sections: What my child is learning How my child is assessed Resources that support my child’s learning Frequently asked… Read More

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