At the beginning of each school year Stony Mountain School offer the students in Grades 5 & 6 the opportunity to be involved in a what we call a Leadership Team, combining Social Justice and MY Voice groups together. Led by Ms. Bartholomew, this group started meeting regularly during breaks and has developed, through conversation and planning, an identity. With the identity defined, they develop an action plan.

Over the past few years the leadership team has generously chosen to be identified as school helpers that work daily, during breaks and for special events, to share tasks and fill gaps which makes our school a better place. For example, our leadership team daily, do the announcements, help with custodial duties, do patrols, raise the flag, work as recess buddies for our K-4 cohort, are kindergarten lunch helpers, work in the library, are part of a Green Team, and do tasks such as put up the wooden poppies at the cenotaph. They have also branched out to offering assistance within the community. In the fall there was information sent out regarding helping elderly folks with fall leaf clean-up. The “Green Team” also teamed up with the community and put up 200 one foot painted wooden poppies at the cenotaph for Remembrance Day. The group also plans events and activities in our school, such as spirit weeks and awareness campaigns. In December, they will be collecting donations and volunteering at the Christmas Cheer Board as a social justice initiative.

This group of young people has made exceptional efforts to become involved in their school community to promote leadership. They have experienced the joy of volunteering and how it not only helps others, but helps them feel like valued members in their community too.

We appreciate our leadership team and look forward to interacting with our awesome young group of current and future community leaders.

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