The students in The Infinity Program (TIP) have had the opportunity to spend time and get involved with the Robb Nash Project, headed by Canadian singer-songwriter, Robb Nash. The project works to engage young people through the power of music and storytelling and addresses topics related to mental health such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, bullying and suicidal ideation.
It balances serious subject matter in a way that is thought provoking, inspirational, entertaining and humorous.

Since November, students at TIP have attended one of Robb’s concerts and spent time hanging out with him at their school. Robb took all students in the program to rent a variety of instruments for the students to have in the classroom for the remainder of the year, and in late December they went into the recording studio with the band to work on material for their latest song and video. Spending time together and connecting through the music will continue throughout this school year.

The potential benefits of our students participating in the Robb Nash Project are:

  • Make authentic connections that support positive mental health
  • Deepen connections between students
  • Build self-confidence in students by learning something new or sharing an existing talent
  • Be part of something really cool!

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