Throughout April and May, TCI has been presenting the “Rob Nash: A Living Curriculum” project to our Grade 8, 9 and 10 students. This program aligns with one of our school goals and the Division’s Continuous Improvement Plan, promoting a positive Well-Being.

Rob Nash is a rock artist who, at the young age of 18, wound up in a horrific car accident. Rob lived in a place of darkness for a long time and was eventually able to seek support to get him out of that space. Rob now tours schools and communities to help spread support and awareness about mental health struggles to students.

A Living Curriculum is a student-focused mental wellness curriculum that uses real-life stories and music to support social and emotional learning. This presentation includes 4 modules which contain stories of young people that Rob Nash met while on the road. Their presentation addresses topics related to mental health such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, bullying and suicidal ideation. The stories are accompanied with music and lyrics and underscore the issues discussed.

Though each story is vastly different from the other, students are led to discover that going from a time of struggling to a life of significance has a common path. These steps are highlighted through student reflection and discussion. Students are left with an understanding that if they are struggling, they are not alone and, with some help, there is hope and a path to a better future.

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