Guided Numeracy Centres at Teulon Elementary

Our Kindergarten classes strengthen their understanding of numbers this January and February in small group activities. Many of the number tasks the children are working through also require fine motor practice such as pinching and grabbing small objects with tweezers or beading a number line. Working with children in small groups also allows for hands-on learning opportunities where the teacher can focus on a particular concept (this month it was all about making 5!) or skill. The kindergarten classes are… Read More

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Public Budget Meeting

The Board of Trustees of the Interlake School Division invites members of the community to attend a “come and go” Open House to view the PROPOSED 2020-2021 fiscal year budget. Trustees and senior administration will be available to answer questions. We look forward to seeing you on: Thursday, February 20th, 2020, Heritage Arts Centre, Stonewall Quarry Park 5:30-7:30 p.m.

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TIP Students Join the Robb Nash Project

The students in The Infinity Program (TIP) have had the opportunity to spend time and get involved with the Robb Nash Project, headed by Canadian singer-songwriter, Robb Nash. The project works to engage young people through the power of music and storytelling and addresses topics related to mental health such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, bullying and suicidal ideation. It balances serious subject matter in a way that is thought provoking, inspirational, entertaining and humorous. Since November, students at TIP… Read More

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My Child in School: A Resource for Parents

Children are more likely to succeed in school when parents or guardians are informed and involved in their education. The Manitoba government recognizes the need to work in collaboration with parents to ensure all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students succeed. Please visit the Manitoba Education Website for more information on compulsory subject information. Information for each compulsory subject area is broken down into four sections: What my child is learning How my child is assessed Resources that support my child’s learning Frequently asked… Read More

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Stonewall Collegiate Spirit Groups

This years spirit groups have been focusing on building school culture and relationships at SCI. Our leadership and link leader students have been instrumental in working with staff to help students know each other better, learn from each other and receive student input on ways to improve school culture and make SCI a great place to be. This group has also run a Terry Fox Run, gym riots, spirit weeks and Passing on the Cheer.

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Numeracy at Brant-Argyle School

                  Brant-Argyle’s South class have been using their Guided Math time to create and extend patterns. They have been working hard to show what they know in a variety of ways, including concretely and pictorially.  The South class is also getting very good at using the language of patterns and can be heard discussing the number of elements in a pattern and sharing the core of a pattern with their classmates.

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November Numbers

During the month of November at Woodlands School, we are planning a “number” of fun learning activities focused on numeracy. We want to students to understand that math is something not to be scared of or intimidated by.  We wand them to know it is part of our every day lives, and when the basic skills and concepts are learned that it can be quite enjoyable 🙂 Please check out list of November Numbers planned activities for the month. Here are some… Read More

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Statement from the Board of Trustees of Interlake School Division regarding recent social media coverage of the use of ‘rainbow poppies’.

In light of misinformation which has been widely spread on social media, we will share that at no point did any staff member of Stonewall Collegiate or Interlake School Division direct, nor mandate, any student to wear a ‘rainbow poppy’. The Board of Trustees will not comment on matters regarding individual students so as to maintain confidentiality for those involved. Media inquiries may be directed to Board Chair, Alan Campbell or Superintendent/CEO, Margaret Ward

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Warren Elementary – Respect

Student led assemblies at Warren Elementary centered on the 7 Teachings to help students learn about their role in society, and promote personal and community wellness. The October assembly hosted by our student council had a “Respect” theme complete with some excellent videos that were acted, filmed, and directed by our students. Our student leaders set the bar really high for our classrooms who will be hosting their own assemblies throughout the year!  

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Warren Elementary – Estimation Skills

Students in Grade 5 at Warren Elementary School are working on their estimation skills. How many popcorn seeds are in a bag of microwave popcorn? After some predicting and estimating we are confident that everyone in 5B can tell you the answer!

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