The Infinity Program – Student Wellbeing

Research shows that students who feel safe and supported by adults at school are better able to learn. The Infinity Program (TIP) is Interlake School Division’s alternative high school campus.  The staff and students at TIP work together to create an environment built on the foundation of positive relationships.  Positive relationships in schools are central to the wellbeing of both students and teachers and underpin an effective learning environment. There is now a wealth of research on the importance of connectedness… Read More

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Well-Being at WES

Interlake School Division’s Continuous improvement goal states that “Healthy citizens are able to achieve their goals and realize their potential. Healthy citizens possess a range of skills and strategies to live happy and resilient lives and thereby make positive contributions to their communities. In order to live well, our students must learn well.” This year at Warren Elementary School, our school goal is Well-Being. It is important that each of our school community members have the skills to feel well… Read More

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Growth Mindset

This year at Woodlands School, our Wellness goal is focused on the concept of a “Growth Mindset”. Schools are places where students are asked to learn many new skills and concepts on a daily basis.  When things are hard, sometimes in can be a challenge to stay positive and motivated. A growth mindset means you believe you are capable of developing new talents and skills, and you treat mistakes as opportunities to learn as opposed to failures – “Math is… Read More

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Thank You!

The Interlake School Division Board of Trustees wishes to extend our most sincere appreciation to our front-line employees and school and divisional leaders, for your incredible dedication and hard work during this challenging school year. We must also acknowledge our students, their families and our school communities for your perseverance in the face of incredible obstacles since March of 2020. Our Public Schools are at the heart of our communities and this has never been more true than during the… Read More

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Hutterian School Project-Based Instruction

Over the last nine months, the focus for Hutterian students has been to use project-based instruction to improve literacy and implement rich, inquiry-based tasks in math. Some students created story vines to help them retell the Laura Ingalls Wilder story, Little House in the Big Woods. Then, they shared their vines in small groups with the rest of the school.  The vines helped them recall the novel’s details and learn about the setting, character, and plot in a story.  The… Read More

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Financial Literacy at Brant-Argyle School

Financial Literacy through Real Life Business Experiences at Brant-Argyle School The Brant-Argyle grade 6,7,8 class, better known as the North class, are developing some financial literacy skills through the running of a business. Last year’s class ran a very popular and profitable school canteen, The Argyle Eatery. This year when COVID-19 protocols prohibited a canteen, the class pivoted just like many businesses have had to. They have creatively reinvented themselves and are now running a clothing company called, “Reckless while… Read More

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Stony Mountain – Math Fun!

Stony Mountain students enjoy playing math games as an engaging way to learn important concepts in math. Students are playing some of our favourite math games related to multiplication and integers. They have been creative in adapting these games using individual decks of cards to allow for social distancing while still having fun!

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