The Warlord’s Puzzle – A Tangram Story & Challenge

The tangram, a collection of seven shapes, originated in the Tang Dynasty during the Imperial Dynasty.  The Balmoral Grade 7 & 8’s explored this topic using the book called the “Warlord’s Puzzle” by Virginia Walton Pilegard.  In the story, the warlord is upset that his favorite piece of art has broken into seven pieces and searches for someone to put the art back together.  The warlord promises great riches to whoever can put the art back together. After we had… Read More

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Virtual Cross Country at Warren Elementary School

The grade 5-8 students at Warren Elementary School participated in a virtual cross country meet where they practiced running during recess periods and competed against other participating schools in our division who ran the same distances in their communities.  Our students watched the event and cheered on our students as they ran.  This event allowed us to bring everyone together while maintaining social distancing to build a sense of community and wellness for everyone. We also held our Terry Fox… Read More

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Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin held a press conference on Friday, September 25th which was followed by a  media bulletin .  As Dr. Roussin indicated in his press conference, the new Public Health orders and changes under the Province’s Pandemic Response System that will come into effect on Monday, September 28th do not change any of the guidelines related to schools.  Manitoba Education provided the following clarifying message late Friday afternoon: Today, the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer announced that the… Read More

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Woodlands School – Early Literacy Program

“These first weeks of the 2020-21 school year mark the beginning of our work in the Interlake School Division’s new  “Early Literacy Program”(ELP). Proficiency in reading, writing, language and literacies is foundational to future learning and participation in society, and Grade 1 is a critical year for beginning the journey towards proficiency. Our ELP is a responsive and tiered instructional approach to the teaching and learning of reading in Grade 1.  Every day at Woodlands School, our Early Literacy Co-teacher… Read More

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WCI Grad Photos

Warren Collegiate is so fortunate to have Jo-Anne Procter volunteering to take porch pictures of our graduates.  Due to the pandemic, WCI graduates missed getting their formal pictures taken at the beginning of April.  With so many milestones being postponed for our grads, it was very kind of Jo-Anne to volunteer for this project and make our grads feel so special.  Also a big thank you to Michelle Procter for organizing.

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Drive-way Visits

  In our little building of Grosse Isle School, we are so very fortunate to be close – close as colleagues and friends, and as students and staff.  We are a school family – and being away from each other has been challenging, to say the least.  We know that right now this is safest for everyone, but it brings to light how much we take for granted and simply being together means to us and brings to our lives.… Read More

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The Impact of Climate Change on Human Rights

“Wellness” is about Human Rights. As humans, we all have the need to access shelter, food, clean air, safety, belonging, and possess rights such as the freedom of speech.  School promotes much more than just lessons in a book.  It is also a place that grows responsible citizens of action and thought.  This year the Grade 5 and Grade 6 MYVoice Committee at École Stonewall Centennial School joined a larger Manitoba Associated School Project Network entitled United Nations, Educational, Scientific… Read More

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