Sleep Presentation at Balmoral School

As part of work being done on Well-Being at Balmoral School, the grade 5/6 class had a sleep presentation by ISD’s School Psychologist and Mental Health Clinician. The presentation talked about effective sleep hygiene habits and how sleep can impact a person’s well-being. This presentation came about after a Mental Health screening tool was used with students. Each student took home a “Better ZZZ’s in a Box” toolkit which helped students engage with the material and will hopefully help students… Read More

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Teulon Collegiate Providing Support for Students

Throughout April and May, TCI has been presenting the “Rob Nash: A Living Curriculum” project to our Grade 8, 9 and 10 students. This program aligns with one of our school goals and the Division’s Continuous Improvement Plan, promoting a positive Well-Being. Rob Nash is a rock artist who, at the young age of 18, wound up in a horrific car accident. Rob lived in a place of darkness for a long time and was eventually able to seek support… Read More

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Monthly Wellness Days at Woodlands School

During the pandemic our opportunities to meet, learn, and grow together was limited. Our wellness goal this year was designed to give our school community the opportunity to come together in school-wide wellness days once a month.  During these days students young and old have had the opportunity to be exposed to new activities and wellness pursuits. Our older students have had the opportunity to act as leaders and make real connections with students in the younger grades. Staff have… Read More

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Warren Elementary – Numeracy

Warren Elementary School has been working hard in the area of numeracy this year.  Our teachers have embraced two new strategies that they have learned from our divisional Math Consultant; Guided Math and Number Talks.  These strategies are helping our students solidify their understanding of numeracy processes in a fun and interactive way that also meets each students individual needs.

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ÈSCS – Program Speak Up

As part of our Wellness goals at ÈSCS all of our grade 7 students participated in the CMHA Program Speak Up.  Speak Up is a program designed for students in Manitoba to help build their mental health capacity.  Students participate in five lessons that teach them about their own mental health and the mental health of others.  The program discusses the many supports that can help people successfully manage their mental health.

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Let’s Get Reading – Rosser School

Rosser Students were excited to begin using our new decodable texts that arrived over the holiday break!  The Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 students are using the Bob Decodable texts for their home-reading program and the Grades 1 and Grade 2 students are using the SPIRE reading program for the guided reading instruction in class! Let’s get reading!  

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Teulon Elementary – Early Literacy Classroom

Teulon Elementary School has been embracing our early literacy classroom which all grade 1 and 2 students visit on a daily basis. Our early literacy teacher engages students through weekly whole class lessons, activities and games. Our classroom teachers also work in the room with small groups by following structured literacy lessons to develop phonemic awareness in a systematic way. It is so rewarding to watch students participate with smiles on their faces and you can frequently hear students saying,… Read More

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Kindergarten Registration

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION November 21- December 2, 2022                INTERLAKE SCHOOL DIVISION requests that all parents/guardians of children eligible to attend Kindergarten in the 2023/2024 school year register their child with their local school between November 21 – December 2, 2022. Kindergarten enrollment information is essential for divisional planning for the upcoming school year. If you have an eligible student for the Kindergarten class of 2023/2024 it is important that you register with your local school… Read More

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The Infinity Program – Student Wellbeing

Research shows that students who feel safe and supported by adults at school are better able to learn. The Infinity Program (TIP) is Interlake School Division’s alternative high school campus.  The staff and students at TIP work together to create an environment built on the foundation of positive relationships.  Positive relationships in schools are central to the wellbeing of both students and teachers and underpin an effective learning environment. There is now a wealth of research on the importance of connectedness… Read More

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